Stormen (The storm)

M/S Museet for Søfart
STORM, Helsingør

For the exhibition THE STORM on the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark I made 4 vases in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen. I used old famous vase shapes from the Royal Copenhagen Collection and decorated them with underglaze and glaze.

The vases depicts the four stages of the storm. From the silence before, to the upcoming storm, the storm that rages and after the storm, shown with partly blue sky and cracked glaze.

Installation view

Quiet before the Storm.

Underglaze on porcelain. H: 34,5 cm

The Storm is Coming.

Underglaze on porcelain. H: 36,5 cm.

The Storm Rages.

Underglaze on porcelain. H: 43 cm

After the Storm.

Underglaze and cracked glaze on porcelain. H: 32,5 cm

© Copyright Eva Louise Buus

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