Slægtskab (Kinship)

Fanø Kunstmuseum
Slægtskab (in dialogue with Carl Johan Forsberg), Fanø

In 2015, at Fanoe Art Museum, I made my first exhibition in dialogue with the late watercolor painter Carl Johan Forsberg (1868-1938).

I had fallen in love with his unique works at the museum a couple of years before, and this exhibition was a tribute to him.

Forsberg inspired me to begin my search for beauty in art and this exhibition was the beginning of my metal works.

Cyclamen. Oxidized copper, 127 x 97 cm

Poinsettia (Julestjerne). Oxidized iron, 94 x 48 cm

Sunflowers. Oxidized copper, 94 x 48 cm

Trees. Oxidized brass, 137 x 70 cm,

Rubber palm. Oxidized brass, 94×48 cm

Swan. Oxidized zinc, – 100 x 70 cm

Woman – 90 x 47 cm, oxidized zinc

Spring (Våren). Oxidized copper, 70 x 137 cm

Ships by moonlight. Oxidized brass, 57×97 cm

© Copyright Eva Louise Buus

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